Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WFP:: A Hawkinz Of A Different Color

What does color say about you?

I often say: "You won't see a Ringwraith wearing pink robes." and it's because the color counts! You can wear anything, be it kingly robes or jester's clothes, but the color is what will give it character-- And not just the color alone, but the shade of the color also. As demonstrated by my kindly cooperative cousin, any one suit can mean many different things when dyed.

Red and Orange give an outfit the air of incredible strength and confidence. The wearer is not only fearless, but serious about their work and skilled in their area:

Crimson implies an aggressive sort of seriousness, perhaps even the deadly kind.
Red gives a more authoritative serious air; like royalty.
Orange is a seriousness that takes action, and is hard-working. 
Rust is a calmer sort of serious, passive but respected.


Light colors such as Yellow and Green makes an outfit more playful and giddy. The wearer is active and curious, cannot brag of much wisdom, but has more claim on joy than most others.

Yellow is a loud sort of playful, declaring it's position as a merry-maker with great pride.
Green is a more mellow playful, deriving it's greatest pleasure from amid the branches of tall trees or  whilst frolicking with nature's wild life. 
Turquoise implies playful adventurousness; happiest in exploration of new and undiscovered lands.
Sea Blue gives a sense of an inquisitive sort of playful, the desire to learn is what drives it onward and what makes everything fun.

Blue and Purple have always given an outfit the look of dignity and power. The wearer is proud and strong, a leader who rides fearlessly into battle like the great kings of old!

Blue implies royal dignity, a kind with the bravery and decisiveness of one of high-born linage. The lighter the blue, the more it invokes trust. The darker the blue, the more it commands respect. 
Indigo is noble dignity; it gives the wearer an honorable image of power in reserve, and an air of selflessness.
Rose is the color of soft dignity, one with compassion and grace like that of a queen.. It is not often seen on men for this very reason, but Hawkinz was a good sport and let me make my point.
Umber gives the impression of humble dignity, one who upholds the virtues of justice and honesty, but does so without thirsting for glory or calling any attention to themselves.

Nuetral colors such as Brown and the Black-To-White pallet say many various things that are often opposite and cannot be related to the other. These colors are blunt; anyone clad in such mellow hues is inadvertently stating the obvious without ever trying to.

Brown implies modest and lowly. It has no confidence, is humorless, and does not wish to stand out.
Black gives a sense of mystery and foreboding. It is unpleasant and frightening, thriving off of uncertainty. It is often worn by those who feel they must stay hidden amid the shadows, or ones who have dangerous power.
Grey is considered dull and unassuming, but in truth, it has an air of inner wisdom and much experience. It gives the wearer the sense of great depth, one who has learned to be precise and efficient.
White is universal for being the color of that which is majestic and pure. It is more dignified, powerful, reserved, wise, and mysterious than any of the other colors. It is light. Compassionate, fair and perfected. A wearer of white gives the impression that they have undergone life's trials and emerged victorious- Made better for it. White is the color of victory!


Just think: If a single color says so much, imagine what is revealed when one mixes the colors and shades together! Sometimes, an outfit can be a more informative description of someone than their biography, so pay attention to those around you.

What color do you wear?
What color attracts your eye?
What color does your friend wear the most?

Until my next fashion project!