Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It Was True... And It Was a Lie

Captain Evonfall? You know, they say he's blind in one eye. That's why he wears the patch. But I spied him yester eve without it, gazing into the fire. How the tongues of flame danced within his eyes... I almost mistook 'em for being yellow as a lion's... or else an orc's.

How can you keep on pretending, she asked me once. But I don't pretend. Evonfall is real. The blood of Kings truly flows through his veins. His valour, his loyalty, and devotion to those he leads is real. He would lay down his life for any one of them in at moment's notice.

He has fought countless battles for the cause of the Free Peoples, from the days of his youth on up. His heart swells with pride within his breast to be engaged in so noble a cause as their continued liberty from the Shadow. But, too, he knows his own shadow falls black upon the star he upholds so reverently...

That is why he must also be considered a lie. It is not only the blood of Kings that flows through his veins...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave...


Have you ever had one of those awkward moments when you shouldn't have done something, but you did? And then you got all famous, because they put up your poster and everybody suddenly wanted a piece of you?

Oops. That's what you say when things like that happen. Oops. 

So you lay low for a little while, and hope it all blows over... but, what if it doesn't? Well, you think to yourself, Maybe this is it. Maybe this is how I'll take my grand leave of the mortal coil. Because of "oops". Maybe they'll catch me this time, and fit me with one of those cute necklaces they reserve for the vilest of criminals. I wonder how I'll look in black and blue...

But you're a sly old thing, aren't you? You like to gamble, because you're good at it. You'll never know quite what you did to deserve such adoration from Lady Luck, but you've learned not to ask questions when good things happen. Be cool. Take the credit. Maybe you'll actually do something to repay karma for it someday.

They didn't know about the fox, did they? Oops for them.

So you'll be extra good. You'll help old ladies to cross the path and won't even charge them a silver for it. Just a couple of coppers. Hey, a girl's gotta make a living somehow, right?

And things will go back to being normal. You'll be the eyes and ears for Coon, and watch all the goings on in Bree. You'll save a nobleman's life by thwarting the plans of mischief makers from the Angmarim. You'll bail an old guy from an early demise and entertain him with a good story about how you got your fox. He'll even pay your fox for your trouble--isn't that sweet of him?

And then...

And then Oops. Again.

But not to worry. You're a sly old thing, remember? And you like to gamble, because you're good at it. Somehow... somehow, I'm sure you'll make it out of this one too.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sometimes joys are overlooked, Other times they are Hidden..

Modesty in the Shire can sometimes be a rare thing. After all, parties enthrall it's inhabitants for any occasion. And many an announcing word is sounded in all ears for an excuse. But this was different, perhaps for some, hurtful that it went unsung.
    It went unknown, but not unseen. Few of us didn't suspect it, some hoped though very likely, it never would. Perhaps this is why it has been kept from all; Believing misunderstanding would result? That unrest and feud would break out amongst us? Maybe so.. What ever be the cause of their reasons, it has been kept from the Kinship ears that Miss Kimelly Bolger and Orinmur Stoutheart, Shield Against Adversity have been engaged since this last week. Kimelly has gone unusually quiet and even avoiding company. All that comes from the lips of Orinmur is that of battle won and concern for that which is to come.. Though without they try to appear all is as it should be, within there is something amiss.
   Though they know not that I have knowledge of this, and await when they shall make it known, I cannot restrain my heart for it's concern. There should be excitement and joy behind the eyes of these my fellows, but what I have seen is anxiety and dread. For now I am left to wonder, shall I appeal to the Mountain for his aid? or should I resist, to allow the Shield and Flower their time.  

~Thoborn, High Elven-King.