Friday, August 14, 2015

Assyle's silent thoughts

Day 3, since we received word..

The silence is alarming.. The ground seems to tremble in horror. Even the trees have fallen silent. There is danger lurking in the air. I find it daunting and harmful to all that I love and hold dear. My friends have taken flight from their homes.. I hope this will end. Very few have dared to question why, but the only word given in answer was to prepare quickly. I have found this errand challenging. However, I have continued without rest. My wish only, is to be ready in time to assist my kinship. We have faced many threats these past months, with some we have gained friendship and with others, enemies without faces.

Day 14 of training..

I ache from how sorely I have pushed myself to be ready in time. It feels as though the time to depart is growing increasingly nearer. The earth itself echos with it. I do not wish to fail in my errand. For many years I have watched my kinship members go to and fro, working hard to dispel evil and keep peace. I had no voice then.. Often I felt alone and left behind.. forgotten.. But this, I hope will not replicate that time. I continue to grow stronger and train myself, I will be ready.

Day 20..

 Our noble Leader spoke to me today.. He has chosen to reassign me to another group. Skalithor says there is reason in this. He reaffirms to me that I have not failed and I must continue readying myself. Though this has been disappointing, I feel he is right in this and I shall continue till I am ready.. Whenever I am needed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

World Transfer???

Attention Children Of The Fourth Age!

Urgent news, my dear fellows!
Turbine is apparently moving to a new server and only taking ten worlds with them, 5 US and 5 EU....

Vilya will not be one of them - Click Here! 

We will be required to transfer, though admittedly transfers will be free from what I can determine.

More Details Here!

Don't panic! The way Turbine describes it, this will be a very slow and careful process, but I do want us to be prepared. We need to get together and discuss which world we will be transferring to.

I vote Arkenstone!