Friday, January 6, 2017

Fall of Ungoliant's Spawn

Nilithion Has Been Defeated!

The dreaded spider from Moria has at last fallen by the hand of courageous heroes: Captain Evonfall, Tyrral, Tarvhos, Mosaine, Caladheil, and Warey the River-Maid.

From Evendim to the Misty Mountains, the fellowship pursued this dreaded creature on a long and exhausting hunt, which at last concluded within the depth of Helegrod. The length of time spent in the bitter cold with limited rations left the fellowship half frozen and weak, yet they resolved not to let the monster escape this time. When the battle commenced, it took a vicious toll on all concerned. By the hand of the Elf scout Caladheil, the beast took a blow which felled her, but it was a hard earned victory. All members of the group had be injured, many with fatal poison, and lost consciousness in the dark of the cave along side the body of their enemy.

The identities of those who came to their rescue remain unknown, yet each member of the fellowship was delivered alive to Rivendell with poison removed and wounds dressed. As of now, these heroes continue their path to healing and rejuvenation in The Last Homely House.

The land has been cleansed of the spider's maddening influence and news has spread abroad of her death. Peace has returned to nature is seems, yet tales say there is still evil brewing within Moria-- What evil sent the Rune Hunter forth from that place remains unknown. What action will now be taken against it is the decision of kinship leader Skalithor Mountainzephyr.


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